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“Falaris has now done two sites of mine and I shall continue to use them for any future design work. Their attention to detail is impeccable, they meet deadlines (something rare in this industry) and are proactive when it comes to making suggestions rather than just sitting back and waiting to be told what to do. They know SEO and how to set a new site up correctly.

And best of all, the week after we launched the new site, my conversion rate tripled!”

Tim hired us first to re-design A Daring Adventure, his main website and blog. We not only re-designed and re-organized the entire site, but we also helped create numerous pages as resources to help his visitors easily access more of the information that pertained to them. His site transformed from mainly a blog into an authoritative destination of helpful life advice.

From there, Tim hired us again to create a new design for his second site, Coach The Life Coach. He challenged us to make a separate site that kept the same style and feel as A Daring Adventure, so that the separate brands felt cohesive and unified. We tackled this by keeping the same basic feel, fonts, and layouts, while radically altering the colors and imagery used.


“There are so many wonderful things to say about Falaris that I’m not really certain I can fit them all into a single testimonial. I suppose one of the first things I would mention is the trust they create with clients.  When working with Chris in particular, you know he will elicit the best in everyone involved with your project.
The sites they build are custom and elegant. Every single page was designed with great visuals and unique content. There is not a single page that follows a simple template where my copy was dumped into the theme.
There is great emphasis on the “user experience”, this strategy keeps visitors on your site longer, and they are more engaged during their visit. The flow of the site is crucial and they give their all to make that happen. Chris has a natural eye for design, branding and visual style. It is as good as the most talented and sought after graphic designers in the business.
Now, Falaris manages my website completely, and I never have to worry about updating it, optimization, being protected from hackers, or dealing with anyone else. Basically, they are the best around and a delight to work with!!! I don’t know what I’d do without them.”

Melanie Smith is a force of nature, helping people through her incredible love and compassion. After months of graphic design changes and struggling with her former web design company, Melanie decided a fresh start was needed and challenged us to tie together all the different services and products offered under her “Well Lit Life” brand.

We completely transformed the style and captured the high-end, modern feel that is the essence of both Melanie and her brand. We used a unique, layered look to make the site feel slightly 3-D, and created a complete newsletter campaign, images made for sharing on social media, business cards, and more to make sure she had every tool needed for success at her disposal.


“Falaris’ customer focus is really out of this world. I requested 4 different quotes before making my decision, and I have to be honest: They weren’t the cheapest. However, I could really feel that Chris cared about me when he responded, he made sure to ask the right questions, and offered some suggestions from the very beginning.

Falaris has been able to execute all my requests without any issue. They delivered my website on time, as promised. They helped me with technicalities which weren’t at all related to the website. They created an excellent tutorial video for me.

And the result is stunning. I used an artist to hand draw the front end of the website and she didn’t know anyone who could code her sketch into a website. When I showed her the result, she immediately asked for a reference to them. It tells you something about this company’s abilities. I would hire them again, no question.”

Olivier dreamed of starting up an honest, raw podcast to chat with guests and share his thoughts. He brought us great hand-drawn artwork that he had commissioned and wished to have turned into a rough and “imperfect” website for the podcast.

We took the graphics and added our own touches, along with leaving a few unfinished touches to complete the rough feel he requested. As the desktop website wasn’t as easy to use on mobile devices, we then made a completely separate mobile version of the site.


“I was introduced to Falaris by a fellow coach whom I consider to be utterly sincere and absolutely trustworthy. The individual was going to hire them to redesign his website but needed a bit more time to line all his ducks in the row. So, I literally jumped in to get my website started first.

Having prior confidence was really quite liberating and also something new to me. It also allowed me to focus on the content of my site, as well as my life coaching practice without stressing over our partnership or connection.

When the work on the site began in earnest, I in fact found myself looking forward to it, which was not at all my experience in a couple of previous projects with other web developers. These guys are SOLID and exceptionally knowledgeable about their craft. As a client you really feel respected but yet well directed on those parts of the project that he is an expert at. It was, and continues to be even today, about the quality of the relationship. I can honestly say that it as been one of the most enjoyable collaborations in my whole life.”

Renata’s old website for her life coaching practice, Life Moods Coaching, was rather typical when we first got ahold of it. However, it had two major flaws: First, the designer used lots of pictures of people in anguish, thus giving it a darker feel, and second, they didn’t feature Renata or her incredible story nearly enough!

We turned around the entire feel of the website by making it light and comfortable to put visitors at ease, by using softer colors that would appeal to her demographic. We also went much further to highlight Renata, her life, and her experience. We finished it off with a few custom graphics and a new logo for her practice!


We’ve been doing websites for a long, long time.

Here are some of our favorites from years gone by.

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